Precise positioning with LD point lasers in automotive manufacturing

Machine manufacturer KIEFEL integrates LAP’s lasers into pressing laminating systems for the production of door center panels. See in the video how LD point lasers make positioning of decor on pressing laminating systems notably faster.


KIEFEL GmbH, based in Freilassing, Germany, supplies machines and systems to well-known manufacturers in automotive and other industries. In its automotive division, KIEFEL designs and produces pressing laminating systems for the production of door center panels. The systems are designed to customer order, as each automotive manufacturer has specific requirements for their door center panels. For precise positioning of the door interior lining KIEFEL uses compact LD point lasers by LAP.

Before pressing, the decor must be manually placed on the seam sword. This is challenging because the operator performs this action with the outside of the material facing down. However, precise positioning is important for meeting demanding design and build-quality requirements using these high-end decor materials. “The difficulty lies in positioning the decorative seam precisely on the seam sword. Since the decor covers the seam sword, the operator cannot see where exactly the decor should be placed,” explains Michael Lorenz, AES/Director of E-Design at KIEFEL GmbH. To solve this challenge, KIEFEL integrated the LAP LD point lasers in the upper tool of the pressing laminating system, proving to be a decisive solution.

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Photos/Video: © Eric Shambroom Photography

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