Beam shaping for precise dose distribution

Multi-leaf collimators from LAP are developed and manufactured to customer order to enable precision in irradiation.

Our MLCs are configured exactly to the individual specifications of your irradiation unit. You can make use of the full performance of the device to provide the patient optimum treatment.

Precise beam shaping for your radiation therapy device


Process efficiency trough all-in solutions

From development to series maturity, we take you through the entire process, including prototyping, greatly reducing your workload.

Certified quality

Short development cycles aid cost efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. As a certified medical product manufacturer, we are certified to DIN EN ISO 13485 and 9001. 

Simple integration

The hardware, firmware, and electronics are configured precisely to individual requirements, ensuring seamless integration.

Stefan Ueltzhöffer, Managing Director at LAP Sued

"With our collimators we solve a core challenge for every equipment manufacturer in radiotherapy."

Our services


We train your staff in theory and practice, so that you can react quickly and effectively in service and repair. This provides security and transparency.


You stand to benefit from our long experience and excellent worldwide network. Specialist supply chains ensure quality and speed, especially for individual requirements. We assist you in all production steps, from prototyping to series manufacture of over 50 units per year.


We perform repairs that your personnel are unable to do, either on-site or in one of our worldwide Service Centers. Thanks to the LAP Network, we are available quickly and dependably in any time zone.

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