Great response to new laser-based worker guidance system at MOTEK

LAP successfully presented the ASSEMBLY PRO laser assistance system for the first time at MOTEK, 8-11 October 2018, Stuttgart; Germany.


LAP successfully presented the ASSEMBLY PRO laser assistance system for the first time at MOTEK (8-11 October 2018, Stuttgart; Germany), showcasing two practice scenarios: control cabinet assembly and a pick-by-laser application for multi-variant production processes. Numerous trade visitors came to see how digitization in Industry 4.0 can be put into practice in an economical way.

"The trade fair was a great success for us," explains Steffen Gärtner, product manager for ASSEMBLY PRO at LAP. “The majority of the trade visitors came to our booth with specific interest. Our worker guidance system for control cabinet construction in particular attracted highly positive response."  ASSEMBLY PRO is a laser-based assembly assistance system that greatly simplifies manual cabinet assembly. Using laser projection based on digital CAD data, mounting positions of clamps, cable ducts or wiring information are displayed directly on the mounting plate.

This has decisive advantages: e-plans are displayed directly where the components are to be installed. The work information is available digitally throughout the whole process. The worker-guidance software may also provide additional assembly instructions, photos, videos or e-plan documentation on the monitor. Errors during execution of assembly steps can be displayed immediately and returned to the system. Various experience levels can be set in the software so that inexperienced technicians can quickly work confidently with the system.

Using digital ballpoint pen manufacture as a second example, LAP showed how ASSEMBLY PRO helps workers with extracting the correct component and assembly by means of “pick-by-laser”. Interested trade visitors could individually configure and assemble their ballpoint pen themselves.

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