Webinar: Automation in Patient-Specific Quality Assurance - Clinical Use of RadCalc and Script Automation

Register for this webinar to gain insights from Medical Physicist Maximilian Grohman about the clinical use of RadCalc and script automation for an enhanced pre-treatment and in vivo workflow.


Join Maximilian Grohman for an insightful webinar introducing you to the innovative capabilities of RadCalc and custom scripting for patient-specific quality assurance processes in radiotherapy to improve your department’s operations.

  •  Discover how RadCalc and custom scripting can streamline Patient-Specific Quality Assurance processes, enhancing treatment accuracy and safety
  •  Learn to implement automation in pre-treatment and in vivo workflows, significantly reducing manual errors and improving efficiency
  • Gain insights into the integration of RadCalc within a Varian radiotherapy department, maximizing the benefits of your existing infrastructure
  •  Understand the practical application of the Eclipse Scripting API using Python and C# to customize and optimize radiotherapy operations

The presenter

Maximilian Grohman, M.Sc., holds a master’s degree in medical physics and is a qualified Medical Physicist at the Radiotherapy Clinic of the University Medical Center of Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany. With expertise in treatment planning and dosimetry and a hobby in Medical Physics Informatics, he is dedicated to enhancing the quality and efficiency of the radiotherapy workflow in his clinic.

Date and time

To respect our partners and customers worldwide, the webinar will be held in English.

Date: April 23, 2024
Time: 10 a.m. CET

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